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Utility Boiler Services

Industrial Watertube Boilers General

JOHN THOMPSON’s focus is the world-competitive design, manufacture,construction and maintenance of industrial boilers and their combustion equipment with outputs of up to 320 tons of steam per hour. The company also designs and manufactures related products incorporating heat transfer technology and selectively undertakes high integrity fabrication work.

New Boilers

The range of new boilers includes:

  • Coal-fired boilers with traveling grate and CAD spreader stokers
  •   Fibrous Fuel-fired boilers with CAD spreader stokers as well as pinhole and dump grates
  • Oil-fired / gas-fired boilers

Our customer list covers the widest range of major industries throughout sub-Saharan Africa including: sugar, food and beverage, chemical, petrochemical, steel, metallurgical, pulp and paper, textiles and many others. As a world-class internationally competitive operation we have been contracted by the World Bank, under the auspices of the Global Environmental Facility, as a technology transfer source to assist Chinese boiler manufacturers burning low-grade high-ash Chinese coals to reduce emission levels to acceptable international standards. A 75-tons-per-hour JOHN THOMPSON coal-fired watertube boiler incorporating the high-efficiency zoned CAD stoker was manufactured at the Jinan Boiler Works outside Beijing as a verification unit prior to general manufacture in China.

Industrial Boiler Services

GEC has its principal focus on being the best boiler and environmental solutions company serving the power generation and industrial markets, both locally , regional and internationally. The company designs both locally and in association with regional and overseas technology partners, manufactures, constructs and maintains industrial water tube and fire tube boilers, and maintains and services utility boilers and environmental equipment and their spares.

Retrofitting, Repair and Maintenance

Our teams are available at short notice for routine or emergency procedures. Refurbishment, retrofitting, shutdowns, service contracts, relocating and re-builds are carried out on all types of boilers, furnaces and mechanical plant and associated equipment. Our service covers more than 100 industrial units of original equipment manufacture (OEM), 90 utilities in municipalities, and over 700 pressure vessels.

Site Erections

Our construction department has the teams and equipment to undertake specialist site erection, lifting and rigging services, new installation of piping, vessels and tanks, steelwork erection and specialist welding services for our industrial customers.


A full range of original equipment spares is immediately available nationwide for all JOHN THOMPSON and ICAL boilers, stokers, mills and other ancillary equipment. A large proportion of cast spares are produced in our own foundry in Bellville, Cape Town, which was recently licensed to produce all castings under the Meehanite process. It is the only foundry in South Africa dedicated solely to boiler castings.

After Sales Service

This service includes the preparation of boilers for statutory inspections, re-tubes, and burner and stoker repairs as well as on or off site conversions from/to oil, gas and coal. Our service teams also handle recommendations regarding maintenance and service contracts for trouble-free running of plant.

Metallurgical Services

As a leader in the field of boiler technology, The company has extensive materials engineering facilities for both in-plant and on-site investigations. These facilities enable detailed investigations to be conducted to establish the metallurgical condition of materials and failure analysis. The methods involved range from hardness inspections and thickness checks to detailed metallographic examination using replication techniques.