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Drainage & Irrigation Pumps

Whether digging deep, moving mountains or dealing with floods, water is sometimes where it isn’t needed, or wanted. GEC is the world leader in tough, portable and reliable pumps for dewatering, bypass and drainage applications.

Together with our surface-mounted pumps, we provide a wide array of dewatering products and services including:

  • A line of submersible pumps ranging from compact, portable units for small drainage jobs to larger dewatering pumps for a variety of commercial and industrial applications where corrosion and abrasive conditions exist
  • Fully automatic diesel, electric or natural gas-powered, solids-handling dry-priming pumps for high-volume and high-discharge heads
  • A full range of hydraulic submersible pumps for general duty in dewatering, bypass, drainage and sludge applications.

 Dewatering pumps draining raw water

Agricultural productivity depends, in part, on efficient and reliable irrigation systems. In all areas of the world, GEC provides reliable and durable products that cut energy and life-cycle costs of ownership.

Our pumps for irrigation applications include drawing water from deep wells and reservoirs to powering irrigation pipelines to controlling and monitoring the flow of water through irrigation systems.

At GEC, we provide the following irrigation pumps to a wide array of industries:

  • Pump products and control systems for the irrigation industry, including:
    • Heavy-duty submersible centrifugal pumps
    • Propeller and mixed-flow pumps
    • Vertical turbine pumps
    • Borehole pumps
    • Stainless steel pumps
    • Single and multistage pumps
  • Efficient turnkey pump packages and booster pump sets for golf courses, landscapes, sport fields and other venues to manage and measure water use in irrigation systems
  • Monitoring and control products including:
    • Pump station controls
    • Variable-speed controls for energy-efficient water pumping
    • Integrated water management systems

Water gashing out of an irrigation pipeline

APE Pumps

GEC has a wide range of APE Pumps and has designed, developed, manufactured and refurbished durable pumps for a our large clientle base in Zimbabwe, by harnessing the experience and expertise of a close-knit team of engineers, business people and sales specialists to meet the shifting requirements of the premium pump engineering industry. We benefit from a long historical legacy of leadership and innovation in the pump engineering industry.

With over 50 years behind us, the vision of our founders and our history represent an incredible foundation for our Company, an underpinning which gives us confidence, strength and insight as we continue to be a leader in the growing premium pump engineering industry.

GEC has an innovative, cutting edge product already being hailed as the best in its class. With an experienced, close-knit team of engineers, business people and sales specialists, we have the expertise to meet shifting market demands.


Through our highly flexible and ultra-modern production facilities, we have developed unique skills which are manifested in the design, manufacture and repairs of pumps specifically engineered to suit all conditions. We have the internationally recognized ISO 9000 accreditation which includes a complete calibration and various test facilities to cover all aspects of our manufacturing processes.

Main product lines include:

  • Vertical turbine pumps
  • Split-casing
  • End-suction and vertical sump pumps
  • API 610 designs for the petrochemical industry
  • Multi stage high pressure pumps

Sewage Pumps

gec new 1

After water has served its many uses, it needs to be cleaned, treated and returned to the environment. Sewage can be difficult to transport and manage with large amounts of organic solids, rags and other waste matter that challenge sewage pumping systems. This is when GEC can help.

To transport and manage sewage, we provide a range of pumping products to move sewage from residential, commercial and industrial consumers throughout the sewage collection and treatment process as well as manage storm runoff from municipal, commercial and industrial storm-water collection systems.

  • We provide a wide array of sewage handling products including:A wide range of submersible pumps for sewage transportation to and through sewage treatment plants including state-of-the-art N-pumps, non-clogging centrifugal pumps, vertical propeller pumps, horizontal ultra-low head pumps and progressive cavity pumps
  • Packaged pump stations with centrifugal non-clog pumps or grinder pumps for pressure sewage handling requirements
  • A wide range of large centrifugal, mixed-flow and propeller pumps for large waste and storm-water streams
  • Dry-installed submersible and conventional non-clog, vortex and self-cleaning centrifugal pumps
  • Hydro ejectors for creating a powerful bulk flow
  • Macerators to reduce rags and large solids into manageable sizes for pumping