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About Us

GEC is a company in the power generation sector and has been trading since 1952. Over the years it has been involved in the manufacturing, distribution, wholesaling and servicing of electrical and mechanical equipment to the Agricultural, Construction. Manufacturing, Commercial, Mining and Industrial sectors. It has four operating units in Zimbabwe and it operates from its own establishment.

It is part of the ACTOM South Africa group, which in turn is partly owned by ALSTOM Holdings, France for environmental equipment and in serving the maintenance, upgrade and retrofit market for larger boiler, as well as for railway transport activities. As a group company GEC holds exclusive distribution, technology and representative rights for the Alstom Grids in Zimbabwe.

We had been formerly trading as ALSTOM Zimbabwe and rebranded back to GEC in September in 2009. Whilst our parent company rebranded from ALSTOM S.A to ACTOM.


Period Registered Name Core Business
Sept 1950 CA Parson & Co (Rhodesia) Turbines
Feb 1981 NEI Parson Zimbabwe Transmission & Distribution
May 1981 NEI Central Africa T & D, Power Generation
une 1990 NEI Zimbabwe T & D, Power Generation
Jan 2000 NEI Zimbabwe Holdings T & D, Power Generation
Jan 2002 ALSTOM ZIMBABWE T & D, Power Generation
Feb 2009 GEC Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd (NEI Boilers & Pumps) T & D, Power Generation

Major Clients

1. Power Utility: Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution

2. Sugar Mills

3. Water Utilities: Municipalities

4. Beverage Manufacturers and Food Processors

5. Mines

6. Donor Agencies

7. Hospitals

Organizational structure and business definition

The company is primarily focused on the following marketing activities:

  • Marketing, selling products and services to enable and support steam generation, reticulation and control.
  • Marketing, selling, installing and servicing raw and fresh water pumps.
  • Marketing, selling products and services for electricity transmission, distribution, protection and control.
  • Marketing, selling and manufacturing sheet metal based electrical products
  • Marketing and selling general electrical products and components

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